I came across this post today.  Honestly, I had never heard about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) before, but it really makes sense.  I see it all the time, maybe even experienced it myself.  I, like most or all of you, enjoy updates about my friends via blogs, facebook, or twitter, but do we need to be at every event all every time?  I don’t think so.  Maybe I am simple and plain or just plain boring, but what I enjoy most is being with my family and few close friends.  I feel like when I am with them, truly with them, there is no outside world.  No matter what they are my constant.  They will always be there.

Have you experienced FOMO?  Do you feel obligated to go to every single outing in fear of being forgotten when the next one comes around?  Does it really matter?  My guess is that it really doesn’t.  If you miss out on something who cares?  Not the ones who matter!  They won’t forget you.


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